Zaha and The Opus

The epitome of the artistry of architecture, it’s where luxury, indulgence and vision converge. Infused with state of the art technology and local idioms, the cube structure – ‘eroded’ by a sensuous curvilinear void which is flooded with light by night, is a cosmopolitan draw-card for all ages and cultures; the international traveler and the local residents, the highly mobile, the knowledgeable, the discerning and both multinational and national enterprises.

Liveable, workable and playable 24 hours, ‘the building that never sleeps’ represents a premium lifestyle, the inspiring and surprising offer and cosmopolitan encounters afforded by its location. It ensure a perfect balance between multicultural service, allure for both local and global visitors, business opportunities, relaxation and one of a kind accommodation, accentuated by a ‘depth’ of experience like no other, thanks to a carefully sculptured perception of morning, noon and night activity.

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